Project 1912 – Let the fun begin!

Doesn’t everyone plan the new year with a resolution that may or may not be kept? I started a blog in 2008 with the intent to share my work.  Now, thanks to ‘The 1912 Project’, I have been motivated to actually learn to do just that.

I’ll be starting with baby steps… more leaps to follow.



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3 responses to “Project 1912 – Let the fun begin!

  1. Welcome to the club!!! This will be a learning experience for many of us!!! :-))

  2. Love your costumes! I’m wondering about donating my 1912 stuff (that isn’t even *on the drawing board yet* to a local theater if I don’t alter it. Have you given/sold these yet? How did that go?

    • The ones I have pictured are donated already. I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing with the 1912 garments. I’d LOVE to make them for me, but I feel better when the outfits are getting use. Who knows… I may get the bathrobe as my first pattern!

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