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Donations (somewhat) complete. I really need the room!

Well, after holding on to the last of a few costumes for way too long, I decided it was time to donate them to the  theater.  I had them in my closet, then I moved them to a tote, then I moved them to another closet.  I just can’t seem to part with some costumes as easily as others….  it’s time they get used again.  I had 4 of this style.

These little outfits looked fabulous on stage – not period correct, but fabulous none the less.  The corsets lace up the front and have 2 sets of lacing for the back.  I had 6 of this style.



This was the hardest to let go.  It was used for a production of  Beauty & The Beast.  The actress was so taken with how she looked, she cried, ‘Why can’t we dress like this all the time?”  Alas, there was only 1 like this.

Now, I embark on a new journey, 1912.  I think I’ll make a few of these fashions to fit me, then I can keep them!



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Project 1912 – Let the fun begin!

Doesn’t everyone plan the new year with a resolution that may or may not be kept? I started a blog in 2008 with the intent to share my work.  Now, thanks to ‘The 1912 Project’, I have been motivated to actually learn to do just that.

I’ll be starting with baby steps… more leaps to follow.


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